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Intelligence Test | Wood Peg Game | Modern version of a classic game




Customize any infill color! Free shipping!
Comes with 14 pegs. Magnets hold the pegs in place and provide a satisfying feeling while placing them.
Infill color is for both the board and all 14 pegs.

This is a modern version of an old classic. Commonly referred to as an Intelligence Test, this is meant to test your problem solving skills.
To start, fill 14 out of 15 of the spaces with pegs. You can jump one peg over any other to remove the peg which was jumped over. The goal is to have just one peg left.

One Peg Left = You’re an Absolute Genius

Two Pegs Left = You’re Really Smart

Three Pegs Left = You’re Average

Four Pegs or More Left = Not So Smart! (Keep Trying!)

Free Shipping to the anywhere in the USA! Each order provides a unique handmade product. These are not mass-produced.
Products are made-to-order. Typically, orders take 2-4 business days to complete and will be shipped as soon as possible.

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Infill Color

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, Black, White, Gold, Silver


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